3D Pink Flower

Valentine's Day Widow Outreach

In 2021, after designing my Valentine's Day floral I began to think about the women who had lost their spouses, the women that feel so much hurt and pain on Valentine's Day.


It was a weekend full of rain and cold temps but there was so much joy. Dick's Sporting Goods donated tents to keep us dry and we had Solo Stoves to keep us warm.  The nominees were touched by the gifts and flowers - some were in total shock that they were remembered on Valentine's Day by mostly total strangers.


I want to acknowledge and thank the following businesses for their donations to make this event possible in 2022!

  • Wine Store has donated 175 Bottles of Larme' en Rose and is selling the remaining quantity to us at a reduced cost

  • Accent Décor has donated 350 Vases 

  • Bliss Uptown has donated Gift Bags/Shred/Bows 

  • Trader Joes will donate items for the gift bag

  • Party Reflections will be providing work tables

  • Lone Star Concrete will provide a dumpster at a discounted rate

  • Gossip Party Balloons will donate décor

  • Twine and Twin is donating 150 Custom Bracelets

  • 3 Weeks Apothecary is donating facial masks

  • Handmade Waxhaw is donating NC ornament’s

  • Split Second Sound is donating entertainment

  • Athleta has donated gift cards

  • AR Workshop Charlotte is donating gift cards

  • Masons Mixer is donating fresh baked cookies

  • Harris Teeter is donating lunch for our volunteers


I asked my followers to send me the names and addresses of Widows in our community.  I also asked them to consider donating money and/or time. I hoped to send gift bags and flowers to 50 women. Within 2 weeks we had enough funds and volunteers to serve 121 Widows.  Our community came together with donations from small businesses, such as wine from Scout and Cellar, jewelry from Amen Jewelry and Pearl and Pagoda, Art from Tivoli Designs, chocolate from Trader Joes, cookies from Be Good Cookies, Fudge from Iva Jean Fudge, balloons from Gossip City Boutique, coffee from Starbucks, lunch from Jersey Mikes, Sheers from Home Depot, tables from Party Reflections, a dumpster from Lone Star and Addison Building Group and more.


In 2022, we set an initial goal to serve 175 Widows.  Within 10 days we had funds and nominations for 300!  The nomination number has steadily climbed to 350.  At our team meeting today, February 7th, we decided to push to 400!  That opens 50 additional nominations.  We have raised a total of $14,000 so far.  We will need to raise an additional $7000 to cover the remaining nominations and costs.  While we have very generous donations we will need to purchase additional items to ensure all 400 women we serve will have gifts to go along with their flowers!


You can donate via Venmo @prettythingsbyaem

Zelle 4129743303 or PayPal anicol@vt.edu

Sign up to Volunteer or nominate a widow in the South Charlotte area within this link


The Valentine's Day Widow Outreach is a Non-Profit organization.  The EIN is 87-4767409.

We are currently in the process of registering this organization as a 501(c)3 and hope to have it complete within the next few weeks.